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What is project management for public sector organizations?

Since public sector organizations & agencies must report project status and efficiency, having a project management structure in place is essential. Project management software for public sector operations is a platform that helps teams organize their daily assignments as well as big projects & strategies in a structured & efficient manner.

Why is Plaky the right project management tool?

Plaky is an easy to use & flexible project management tool that enables government agencies & public sector organizations to effectively collaborate on various projects and processes between teams of all sizes. It clears the way for communication between team members, organizing everything in a transparent workflow and tracking its progress from start to finish.


Public sector too can increase its level of productivity with Plaky

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Set clear goals and expectations

Through the customizable boards, government organizations can keep all team members and private contractors aligned and on the same page, working towards a well-defined goal.

People can have access to tasks either for accounting, sourcing, grants management, capital projects, and more.

Coordinate team actions

In many cases, teams from the public sector span multiple countries and networks, requiring solutions that can keep things organized & well coordinated.

A solution like Plaky makes sure that all team members involved on a project can meet a project’s timeline, by aligning them to the same vision & goals. It can keep their data & communication in one place so they can easily stay in context.

Let everyone in your team know who’s doing what, and adjust your plans so you can easily discuss work and ideas.

Plaky Screenshot
Plaky Screenshot

Stay accountable and transparent

Public & government organizations are obliged to use taxpayer funds to meet specific expectations. This process requires transparency in organizing and managing public programs.

Plaky helps organizations in building a culture of accountability. At the heart of it is a communication that is frequent & open. This way the responsibilities within a team become clearer and everyone is able to deliver on agreements more easily.

Have safe communication & storage

All your data in Plaky is secured in the cloud and gathered in one place. This guarantees to team members & remote parties that all messages & files shared in a board are safe.

Keep conversations with teammates, clients, or stakeholders in one place so everyone would be in the same context about the project.

Make all the important things easy to find, like project plans, project documents and more.

Plaky Screenshot
Plaky Screenshot

Stay within the deadline and on budget

Without a process for prioritizing tasks at work, it always feels like we’re playing catch-up.

It’s important to map out goals and prioritize tasks and Plaky helps organization to set clear expectations & time-frames.

Team members want to know that they can rely on each other and can meet deadlines and expectations without being micromanaged.

Keep track of progress

People from the public sector must report project status and efficiency, so it’s absolutely necessary to have a clear structure for tracking & monitoring progress.

Plaky has many features to help government officials track their team’s progress and stay informed of recent developments. By visualizing the entire project from start to finish, using Kanban boards, you can plot out projects and workflows & always know where your work stands.

See status of tasks, and be alerted by receiving notifications when changes occur.

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How to use project management software in the public sector?

Plaky makes sure you complete every project successfully


Add group of tasks and label it into timeframe (days, dates, etc.)


Include tasks or items in your groups that represent daily to-dos.

Status field

Indicates where you are in the process and what needs your attention.

Board views

Allows you to visualize your board's information in multiple different ways.

Trust & Security

Plaky is known for its data protection, reliability, privacy through the infrastructure and data governance, and compliance with global and regional standards.


We are committed to taking a special security approach to protect your data, by aligning with the strictest security measures available on the market, so you can stay assured that your data is kept safe.


Plaky offers 24/7 priority support and provides transparency into real-time and historical platform status


Plaky provides in-product admin controls and the ability to define which data is accessible to your team.

Compliance & Certifications

ISO 27001 certified ISO 27001 certified SOC 2