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Plaky is a free organisational tool that can save you time and money, by making your team more coordinated & aligned.

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Plaky - Organisational software

Why the need of an organisational tool?

One can never be too organized, and there is always room for improvement. Imagine the chaos a disorganisation can bring to work.

A thorough organization is what makes your business workflow smooth and adjusted. Organization management tool helps businesses in sorting out daily tasks & responsibilities & laying out a structure for planning & managing projects which all team members can easily follow.


Get more for your team with the most flexile organisational software

Customizable tool that suits specialists of all areas

Professionals from different industries including (but not limited to) marketing, science, HR, sales or software development can find an ally in Plaky for managing their project in the most flexible & user-friendly way.

Information sharing made easy

Stop struggling with emails, spreadsheets or even handwritten notes. From links, to files to other project-related documentation - place everything in your tasks card so you or other teammates can access it quickly later. Have one pool of knowledge & communication and always stay in context.

Simple organization of to-dos with a task management system

Plaky makes work transparent, as everyone can see what other team members are doing and easily identify people responsible for certain tasks. Organize your to-dos in one place, label them with fields, manage them in categories and everyone will know what needs to be done next.

Intuitive & visual tracking system

The app is designed to allow you to visualize and effortlessly track your project from idea to realization. It will be hard not to see the color coded statuses of your tasks, or to switch to different views of the same project in order to track specific data of interest.


Organisational software in action

Plaky task management screenshot

Well structured task management

• Tasks • Assignees • Status • Priority • Due dates

Organize your team communication, manage tasks & share ideas all within your item card.

Plaky simplifies assigning tasks as you don’t have to send emails containing task instructions to each team member separately. You can easily create, schedule, and delegate tasks, Categorize work with fields so you always know where you stand with your project.

Easy progress tracking

• Statuses • Notifications • Activity • Views

See your project progress at a glance. Use status fields to identify the status of all existing work and filter tasks by different dimensions, such as due date or priority.

Choose Table or Kanban view and control what to see, sort by multiple fields, and add filters to see only the items you need. If you need to check changes on a board or a specific item use the activity log feature.

Any sort of activity around specific tasks can be tracked so you and your teammates can easily stay in the loop. Get notified when status is changed on some of your tasks.

Plaky task management screenshot

Pre-built project templates

Plaky makes sure you complete every project successfully


· Strategy calendar
· Content calendar
· Creative requests
· Social media calendar
· Event planning


· Employee onboarding
· Recruitment
· HR requests

Sales & CRM

· Onboarding new clients
· Pre-onboarding
· Sales pipeline
· Deals
· Contact list


· Bug tracking
· Product roadmap
· Product launch