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Plaky - Inventory management software

What is inventory management software?

Inventory management software enables you to manage and track your stocks from point of collection to final delivery.

It acts like one centralized hub for your every day operations. From inventory planning to tracking and reorders, inventory management tools help you stock the right products at the right time.


Easy yet powerful inventory management tool

1. End to end tracking

Manage and track your stock anytime, anywhere - from point of collection to final delivery.

2. Simplify complex operations

Set up in minutes. Streamline workflows and get more done in less time by leaving the busywork.

3. Exceptional customer experiences

Exceed customer expectations with every transaction and build a loyal community, online and off.

4. Scale and grow your business

Ignite your potential by expanding to new channels or markets, adding new locations and learning from your data.


Inventory management made simple

Well structured task management

• Tasks • Fields

Dedicate a task for each product. Name it after your product, add picture, or any other product-related files so you can stay in context whenever you open your product inventory.

Categorize your stock with fields so you know where you stand with your product - where it is stored, how much units have been sold, versus units ordered, for what price etc.

Plaky task management screenshot
Plaky task management screenshot

Easy tracking of progress

• Statuses • Notifications • Activity • Views

Any sort of activity around specific tasks can be tracked so you and your teammates can easily stay in the loop. Get notified when status is changed on some of your products.

Know at anytime what happens on your board or just in one specific item and manage your stock in a smart way by learning from your data.

Use views to stay in focus on what needs your attention. Organize your board by type of product for example and access your data just by looking at it.

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