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Plaky - Project management software for interior design teams

What is interior design project management software?

Interior design project management software is a platform that helps you & your team deal with managing daily assignments regarding your interior projects, from creative idea to execution.

It clears the way for communication between team members, setting clear & specific goals and expectations, organizing work in a transparent manner and tracking its progress from start to finish.

Key benefits of using Plaky’s interior design project management software

Coordinated team actions

Have access to tasks and milestones as either assignee or reviewer to determine task-related activities.

Let everyone in your team know who’s doing what, and adjust your plans so you can easily discuss work and ideas.

Enforcing deadlines

Provide full context for a deadline. Deadlines are meaningless without context. Make sure to give the reason why the task is important and coded with the right importance field.

Let your team know the priority of tasks so everyone acts accordingly.

Keeping track of progress

Plaky has many features to help interior designers track their team’s progress and stay informed of recent developments.

See status of tasks, and be alerted by receiving notifications when changes occur.

Centralized documentation

Terminate information silos by organizing everything work-related within your board.

Share all sorts of files, assets, images, PDFs, contracts or even invoices and more and keep details about them in the task, so team members can always find the information they need.

How to use project management
software for interior design tasks


Add group of tasks and label it into a timeframe (stages, phases, etc.)


Include tasks or items in your groups that represent daily to-dos.

Status field

Indicates where you are in the process and what needs your attention.

Date field

For the tasks that require a deadline, a meeting, or any time related activity.