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Plaky - Consulting management software

One tool to manage your consulting projects from start to finish

Intuitive tool for managing client requests

Jumpstart your projects in no time

Your project vary from client to client. That’s why we’ve created the most flexible and customizable structure so you can personalize the workflow based on the clients requirements.

Enter all the relevant data about your project in one place, categorize it to fit the project needs, start managing the details as well as the big picture, and grow your business with Plaky.

Compact & transparent data

All your information in one place

Plaky is your reliable space, where you can allocate resources, share an unlimited number of files, links… From project documentation to client’s information and much more.

All the applicable data concerning your client project can fit in your task and can be accessed by you or your teammates, anytime, anyplace .

High level overview of projects

Color-code your crucial information

Update your progress in just one click. Quickly review where you stand with task with statuses . Pivot easily, measure results and bring informed decisions.

Deploy different views on the same projects so as to analize it from different angles and access the right information just when you need it.

Share progress with clients and colleagues

Stay connected & aligned

Split up tasks and collaborate quickly on your projects. With Plaky you have the possibility and security to support multiple users, teams, even clients as visitors .

Have their attention at the right time by communicating straight in your task cards. Speed up the approval process, update changes, receive notifications in real time and move your projects forward .