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Plaky is a task managing app for Android that lets you plan & track project’s progress on the go.

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Why use project management mobile app?

Plaky is a flexible project management tool that helps you get more efficient in organizing all sorts of tasks.

With Plaky's Android app you organize your tasks & stay updated with the project’s latest advancements while you're on the go.

Plaky Android app in few simple steps


Set your account

Get started fast & easy. Create an account on the Home screen by filling out:

  • Organization name
  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Password

After you’ve created an account you can configure it by editing your information.


Invite teammates

Easily get your team on board.

To invite new Members in Plaky Android app by mail:

  1. Tap on the menu & Choose Invite Users screen
  2. Tap Invite by email & Enter User’s email
  3. Then choose the user type – Member or Viewer. Invitees will get the invitation email with the link to the Space they are invited to.

To further organize your workflow and divide your Space Members into Teams, do that by creating Teams on the Users and Teams screen.


Edit your boards on the go

To create a board in Plaky you have two options;

  1. Start from scratch - Board created with one default Item within a default Item group, that you can further edit;
  2. Choose a template - pre-made boards that suit different needs.

After you’ve created the board you can:

  1. Sort & Filter the information on your board;
  2. Access your boards as favourites or recent.


Structure data and collaborate

  1. Create to-dos, notions and tasks as Items. Just choose the board you’d like to add Item to, tap on +New Item;
  2. Organize tasks in Item Groups which are color-coded sections;
  3. Structure data of your tasks with fields by setting up due date, status, assigning team Members, adding number field, tag or link;
  4. Collaborate with teammates by commenting in the item card or sharing all sorts of files.


Stay informed of progress

Notifications screen provides you an overview of:

  • All activities that affect you
  • Marking Notifications as read and deleting them

They are grouped in four different tabs:

  • All
  • Unread
  • Mentioned
  • Assigned