Tamara Kalaba - Project management author and researcher at Plaky

Tamara is a project management author and researcher at Plaky eager to educate her readers on project management and all it encompasses. Knowing just how complex the topics can get, she aims to decipher them using clear, easy-to-digest language that even a total novice could grasp.

Tamara first pursued a career in translation, but after getting her BA in Spanish language, literature and culture, she found her way back to her first passion — writing.

She spent 5+ years honing her writing and research skills by covering a range of topics, including project management. In 2022, she finally took the plunge and decided to focus on project management in the long term by becoming a part of the Plaky team.

As an experienced writer and researcher, Tamara spends her time learning about the ins and outs of project management and conveying them to her audience.

When she’s off the clock, Tamara enjoys hanging out with her dog, reading, and dabbling in creative hobbies like crochet, and sewing. She’s also an avid fan of game nights and likes to host them whenever possible.

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