Bring your team on board with Plaky

You’ve decided to unite your team around one project management platform and finally leave behind the endless emails, the outdated documents in multiple different places and the unfocused communication?! 

You’ve made the right decision. Get your team on board fast with Plaky and start collaborating with ease.

Build a perfect workflow

Building a workflow is a very personal process, but we have some clues to get you up & running in no time.

Before you involve your team into the Plaky journey, we suggest you get familiar with the Plaky vocabulary and read this article

With Plaky you get two options. You can either create your board by choosing a template or you can make one on your own by starting from scratch.

Choose a template

We wanted to make the process of managing your projects easier, so we’ve put ourselves into your shoes. With insights from every industry, we have created the Plaky template center where you can find solutions that best fit your team’s needs. From Marketing, HR, Sales, Software Development, to Non-profits etc.

Start from scratch

If you want to fully customize your workflow by setting up a specific structure, create a board from scratch. You can save it as a template later and make it available for all team members within your organization.

Invite your team

Once you’ve set up your perfect workflow, you can invite the team to participate in your project.

Send an invitation

You can invite people from your team as members or viewers. When you invite them, they’ll receive an invitation via email. The invitation has the account’s URL and the email address they should use to sign in.

You can also make any member of your team an admin. To learn more about the different roles, check out this article.

Setting up a profile

In order to know the roles of everyone from your team, encourage them to set up their profile. In the profile settings, under the Personal info section, they can add different type of information for others to see, such as: title, email, phone number, even date of birth and much more.

Assign ownership

Owning a responsibility means people are more dedicated and productive when dealing with their assignments.

Knowing this, Plaky offers two ways in which you can assign tasks within a project.

Individual ownership

The Person column allows you to assign tasks to your team members and check who in your team is responsible for which task. Include people either as assignees or reviewers of a task, and track their progress.

Team ownership

If you’re unsure who to assign a task to or have tasks that require a department, create a team. Teams save you tons of time when you’re working with groups of people. 

You can also tag and mention an entire team and get the attention of all the relevant people involved on a task at once. This way you’ll speed up the work and get the job done, on time.

Tip: On the teams page, you can see all the members and members grouped by teams.

Collaborate with ease

Mentions, comments and feedback

If you want to minimize email and messaging clutter, Plaky is all you need!

We already said that you can communicate and mention an entire team or individual members right in your task. This will keep your team notified about task related updates and will improve the overall collaboration process. It will definitely encourage prompt replies and feedback as well as speed up the approval process. 

Unlimited files

To be able to follow your progress and the progress of your team members, it is absolutely necessary to have all your project-related data stored in one place. Plaky’s items cards provide  a safe place for all your files, documents and links so you can easily get into the context of what’s been shared throughout the process of working together with your teammates.


Make the communication fun.

Soften the language with emojis and cheer up your teammates, every once in a while 🎈🤪

Now go ahead, invite your team to learn as they go. 

They will soon master the building blocks of Plaky’s boards, and start managing projects with ease! 🍀

What’s good to know is that there’s no cost to set up a free version of Plaky. What you get is unlimited users, projects and files free forever. ✅

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