Vesna Rabuzin Zlokolica - Project management author and researcher at Plaky

Vesna joined our team as a project management author and researcher. During her more than 7-year long career, she collaborated with project managers, mostly on IT-related projects. As she realized that not everyone is familiar with project management like her, her aim is to create content that makes the concept of project management easy to understand for all.

She highly values education and has previously worked for years in the education management industry. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Management, her interests have centered around writing and creating high-quality content that is easy to digest. Fact-checking and reliable resources are essential parts of her writing process. For this reason, she spends a lot of time researching and contacting experts to bring value to readers.

When not working, she enjoys roller skating, long walks, traveling, writing short stories, drawing, and — not surprisingly — reading. Her goal for the next three years is to fluently speak at least three foreign languages. Therefore, she works hard on taking her German and Spanish to the next level.

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