Sara Stojanovic - Project management author and researcher at Plaky

Sara is an author and researcher who specializes in project management. Her primary focus is on exploring and analyzing all aspects of time management and writing informative and engaging content that is easily readable.

From a young age, she enjoyed reading and learning about different things. This led her to pursue a B.A. in English Language and Literature. It was during her studies when she discovered her passion for writing and researching. Through her academic development, she developed into a highly organized and disciplined person, which allowed her to become a skilled writer in the world of project management. Sara currently devotes her time to expanding her knowledge about the topics related to project management as well as helping others become acquainted with this field through writing articles.

Sara strongly believes that project management is an efficient and a much needed skill one should have in order to be successful not only in the world of business, but in everyday life as well. She strives towards becoming an expert in the field through thorough research.

When she is not at work, Sara enjoys spending time with friends and journaling.

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