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Create Your Board

Plaky Board is a place where your Team’s tasks, workflows and processes are visualized. It helps you stay organized and keep track of your work, whether it’s one task, or a complex project. What’s more, highly interactive features enable faster and smoother communication among Team Members, so that everyone is informed of each-others project, tasks and progress.

Here are all the necessary steps needed to add your Board and configure it, so that it suits your needs.

To add new Board:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace menu at the top left corner
  2. Click +Add
  3. Choose New Board from the dropdown
  4. Now choose Create from scratch or Create from template

If creating from scratch:

  1. Enter Board name
  2. Click Create Board to complete the action

This newly-created Board can be configured and adjusted, so that it suits your needs.

To customize the Board to suit your needs, the following features are at your disposal:

  • Board description
  • Table
  • Board view
  • Group/Column

Board info #

You can see additional information about your Board by clicking on the info button next to the Board in question. 

Board info modal opens with the following information:

  • Board name
  • Board description
  • Workspace (Workspace on which the Board in question is located)
  • Board creator (Team Member who created the Board)
  • Board owner 
  • Board type

After you make all the changes, click Save to complete the action.

Description #

You can (optionally) add the description to the Board you and your Team are using. This can be a brief description of a project, instructions, guidelines, or anything else you find suitable, so that your team has a deeper and better understanding of the Board’s purpose.

To change or edit the description, click the Board info button next to the Board name. After Board info modal expands and you’re able to change it according to your preferences.

Group #

Group is a section in Board that contains Items and keeps the Board organized. Each created Item has its own Group that serves as a “container” or section in which the Item is placed. Group can represent anything, from a time interval (month, week, day) to the name of the client, feature, project…

Once you create the Board, an empty Group and empty Item samples are automatically created. You can collapse, expand, rename or change its color, if needed be.

Board View #

With this feature, the data in the Board can be visually presented in different ways. You can choose the one that appeals to you the most and helps you stay organized and on top of the tasks.

There are two different types of Board Views:

  • Table View
  • Kanban View

With Table View, you can have a full view of your Board Table. Items are presented in form of rows and Item Groups with Columns being entities that provide some details about the Item in question (e.g. person in charge, status, date…)

Kanban View visualizes a project management technique of prioritizing tasks in order to maximize person’s efficiency and productivity. Each Item is presented in form of a card. Items in Kanban View are grouped according to the Status column.

User can set a specific value for the Status Column so that it represents a person, value, category, or anything else of relevance to them. However, the cards cannot be organized according to any other attribute e.g. Person, Date, Rich text… etc. 

Set as board default #

If you find any of the Board Views preferable, you can set it as a Default Board View, so that it’s the first one displayed when you visit the Board.

To set Board View as default:

  1. Navigate to the Board View (Table/Kanban) at the top of the Board
  2. Click the three dots to open the menu
  3. Choose Set as board default

The View that you chose will be the first one displayed and marked appropriately when you visit the Board.