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Create Group

All Items in Boards are grouped in sections called Item Groups. These Groups are color-coded and help you organize and visually divide the Items into different sections with each section representing any notion meaningful to you, or related to the project, process or activity you’re trying to manage.

Keep in mind that, besides being marked by color, Groups are also structures by columns created on a Board level. Once created, they are set up as templates for all Groups in that Board.

Once you create the Board, an empty Group and an empty Item samples are automatically created. These samples are always available at the top of the Board.

However, if you’d like to add new Group manually, follow the steps below.

All the actions listed below can be performed by all Team Members who have access to the Board.

To add new Group:

  1. Navigate to New Item at the top left corner of the Board
  2. Choose New group of Items from the dropdown

You’ll get the template for new Group. Customize it according to your needs.


  1. Navigate to + Add to board at the top right corner of the Board
  2. Choose Group from the dropdown

You’ll get the same Group and Item template ready to be customized.

Change color #

The Groups are color-coded to represent different sections in which the Items are Grouped. This color can be changed according to your needs and or preferences.

To change Group color:

  1. Navigate to the Group
  2. Choose Change color from the dropdown
  3. Choose color from the palette

Collapse/Expand #

If there are a lot of Items and Item Groups on your Board, you can use the option to collapse them to have a better overview of the Board in question. You can expand/collapse the Group you are modifying, or all the Groups in the Board. All Groups are expanded by default.

To collapse/expand Groups:

  1. Navigate to the Group
  2. Choose Collapse this group/Expand all groups/Collapse all groups from the dropdown

Table view will adjust accordingly.