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Board View

The way your data is displayed on the Board can help you have a better overview of the information that is at your disposal. With Table view and Kanban view, you can visulize the data available on your Board in different ways. Note that the default Board view is Table view.

To add Board view:

  1. Click Add View on the Board
  2. Choose type of view (Table or Kanban)
  3. Everything on your Board will automatically be converted to that view

Once you created a new view, you can switch between types of views back and forth.

Table View #

With Table view, the information available on your Board will be displayed in form of a table with columns and rows. This is the default Board view and it is the one in which you can initially add Columns, Items, Item Groups and all other elements available in Plaky. You can filter out the information you find relevant and hide some you find less important or irrelevant to you.

Here’s the example of the Table view for the Product Launch Board Template:

Kanban View #

Kanban is a well known project management technique used to manage work by prioritizing tasks and demands according to the available capacity. It helps see what are pain points on your project and make sure that the resources are utilized in the best possible way.

Here’s the example of the Kanban view for the Product Launch Board Template:

You can add multiple Board views and Rename, Duplicate, or Set as default. To do that, go to the three dots next to the view type and choose one of these actions.