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Manage Board

Once you’ve created a board, you have the flexibility to edit and customize it to your exact specifications, allowing you to tailor different parameters and settings to align the Board perfectly with your specific needs.

This article will help you to effectively modify, organize, and optimize your Board.

Manage Team Members #

With Plaky, you can manage your Team Members within your Board. Invite any Team Member, or the entire Team to the Board, or share the Board with them.

To add Board Members:

  1. Click on the Add Members icon
  2. Type the User name
  3. Click on it in the dropdown menu to complete the action

Duplicate Board #

Members added to the Board can duplicate an already existing Board in the Workspace.

There are three ways in which the Board can be duplicated:

  • Structure only (bare bone structure of the Board)
  • Structure and items (structure, Fields and Items)
  • Structure, items and updates (structure, Fields, Items, added comments, files and any other update that has been made)

Move Board #

Board can be moved to:

  • Folder
  • Workspace

This action can only be performed by Board Owners.

Board can only be moved to a Folder if it is in the same Workspace.

Sort the Board #

You can sort each Field according to some sort of criteria. This can help you better organize your Board and have a clearer overview of all the Items on the Board.

To configure Board sorting:

  1. Click the Sort button at the top of the Board
  2. With + Add new sort add the criteria by which you’d like to sort
  3. Pick the criteria from the dropdown you get when you click on the criteria label
  4. Choose Ascending/Descending order
  5. Click Save in this view to complete the process

Add/Change Board View #

The way your data is displayed on the Board can help you have a better overview of the information that is at your disposal. Checkout this article to learn how to add a Board View.

To change Board View, just click on one of the available Views on the top of your Board.

Set as board default view #

If you find any of the Board Views preferable, you can set it as a Default Board View, so that it’s the first one displayed when you visit the Board.

To set Board View as default:

  1. Navigate to the Board View (Table/Kanban) at the top of the Board
  2. Click the three dots to open the menu
  3. Choose Set as board default

The View that you chose will be the first one displayed and marked appropriately when you visit the Board.

Apply Filter #

Depending on the project, Boards in Plaky can sometimes seem overwhelming. To keep things in order, you can Filter them out according to your needs and preferences.

Show/Hide Fields #

This feature allows you to effortlessly control the visibility of Fields on your board, tailoring your Board to focus on the most relevant information.

To configure Fields visibility:

  1. Click on the Fields visibility icon
  2. Select the Fields to display
  3. Click anywhere on the screen