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Find your Board #

You can easily find a specific Board in the Workspace.

  1. Navigate to the search field at the top of the sidebar on the left
  2. Start typing name of the Board you’d like to find
  3. You’ll get the Board in the search results

Unsubscribe from Item/Board #

If you’re working on multiple projects and receive a lot of Bell and Email Notifications on daily basis, then you’d probably like to reduce the amount of Notifications you get.

To unsubscribe from Item:

  1. Click on the Item you’re frequently notified about
  2. Click on the Item subscription button at the top right corner of the screen
  3. Click X next to your name to unsubscribe from the Item

You will be immediately unsubscribed.

Only owners can subscribe/unsubscribe other users from the Item/Board.

Same principle is applied when unsubscribing from the Board.

To unsubscribe from Board:

  1. Navigate to the Board you’d like to unsubscribe from
  2. Click on the +Invite button at the top right corner of the Board
  3. You’ll see the list of members added to the Board
  4. Click X next to your name
  5. Click Unsubscribe in the confirmation modal

You’ll be automatically unsubscribed from the Board in question.

Apart from unsubscribing yourself or some of your Team Members, the Owner can also unsubscribe the Team from Item/Board. Same steps are applied, except you search Team you’d like to unsubscribe from Item/Board in the search box.

Customize your Board View #

With the Board View, info you have available in the Board can be displayed according to your preferences.

There are two types of Board Views available in Plaky:

  • Table view
  • Kanban view

If you’d like to customize any of these Views, you can do that by adding new View Type and adjusting Filters. You can also set this View as the default one, so that when you open the Board you’ll be presented with that specific Board View.

To do that:

  1. Navigate to the Board you’d like to set the View to
  2. Click +Add View at the top of the Board
  3. Choose View Type (Table or Kanban)

The Board will be displayed in that View.

Additionally, you can choose to filter out the information you have available on that Board.

To use Filter:

  1. Click on the Filter at the top of the Board
  2. Choose the parameters by which you’d like to filter out the search

Each parameter contains the list of all the Columns and the number of Columns made with that parameter on the Board.

Click Save in this view to save all the adjustments made in that View.