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Board Filter

Depending on the project, Boards in Plaky can sometimes seem overwhelming. To keep things in order, you can filter them out according to your needs and preferences.

To use filter:

  1. In Board, navigate to the Filter at the top
  2. New screen opens with a variety of entities by which you can filter out the information available on the Board
  3. Choose the parameters by which you would like to filter out the search

Each parameter contains the list of all the Columns and the number of Columns made with that parameter on the Board.

You can filter Board by:

  • Item Group
  • Title
  • Tag
  • Person
  • Status
  • Date
  • Link
  • Numbers

The Board filter contains faceted search meaning that the search can be filtered out according to multiple parameters.

Choose the parameter by clicking on the tile in the Filter.

Click Save in this view to save the filtering for the Board View you have previously set (Table or Kanban).

If you’re using the filtering option, Filter button will turn pink. Yellow dot at the top right corner as seen in the screenshot above, indicates that the Filter in use is not saved in the Board view.

To undo the filtering, click Clear filters, or simply uncheck the tiles in the Filter by modal.

Filter by Current User #

If you have a lot of Items on your Board and you’d like to see only Items assigned to you, Plaky allows you to choose the Current user option when filtering your Board by Person.
After you click Save in this view, Items will be filtered out by you as a user and you’ll see only those relevant to you. Also, every other Team Member that has access to that Board will be able to see Items assigned to them once they access that Board View.