Getting Started

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What is Plaky?

Plaky is a free Project Management tool that enables you to manage projects, teams and tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

It provides businesses of all sizes with a way to efficiently manage teams, projects and work.

What’s more, it offers an unlimited number of users and unlimited features, all for free.

Workspace #

Workspace is an organization-level virtual place that lets you collaborate with your team members and manage your tasks. There is a main Workspace which we automatically created for you when you registered your organization. You can add and manage multiple Workspaces, rename them, or set them up as Open or Closed.

Board #

Board is a space in which you can manage all your Items (tasks). You can add multiple Boards, set them up as Private, Public or Shareable and configure them so that other users can Edit everything, Edit content or Write updates only.

Item #

Item represents any type of task, assignment or responsibility that is part of the project and should be completed. You can create an unlimited number of Items, organize them in Item Groups, define a specific type, leave a comment, or share it with another member.

Members #

Members are users that you’re sharing the Workspace and Board with, or collaborate on the same Project. Members can have different roles and thus different permissions in Board, be invited to the Board, you can share Items with them.

With Search option, you can search through different Boards within one Workspace, or search through different Items within one Board. Start typing the initial letters in the Search box and the results will filter out all the Items that contain that letter, string of letters, word, or phrase.