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Create Item

Each Board in Plaky contains entities called Items. Item can be a notion, unit or any other building part of your project that makes sense to you (e.g. task, location, client, time determinant…).

This article provides a brief description of how to create Items, which you can later edit and manage as per your needs.

Each Item belongs to a Group and cannot be created without it. Check out this text to learn how to create Item groups.

To add new Item: #

  1. Navigate to the +Add Item button below Item Group in the appropriate Board
  2. Enter the name and optionally populate other Fields
  3. Press Enter on the keyboard


Click New Item at the top of the Board and the Item will automatically be created in the first available Group, and it can be further edited.

Add new Item – advanced option #

This option allows you to see and quickly populate a new Item with all the necessary information and actions in just one modal.

To add new Item by using the advanced option:

  1. Click the arrow to expand New Item
  2. Select New Item (advanced)
  3. Populate the Create new item modal with the information you need

You can also put Item in the Item Group, name it and add subscribers.