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Manage Item

Once created, Items can be moved and their content in Plaky can be edited. Custom Fields keep the Items organized and structured.

This text gives you an overview of how you can manage an Item on your Board.

Duplicate Item #

Duplicating Item feature allows you to quickly create new Items based on existing ones.

To duplicate Item:

  1. Navigate to the Item you’d like to duplicate
  2. Click on the three dots to open a dropdown menu
  3. Hover over Duplicate Item
  4. Choose either Duplicate with comments or Duplicate without comments

If you choose to duplicate with comments, all Item values, subscribers and files will be duplicated, including comments.
If you choose to duplicate without comments, all Item values, subscribers and files will be duplicated, without comments.

Additionally, assigned users and subscribers will receive a notification that they are now assigned / subscribed to the newly-created Item.
After the duplication process is completed, both Items (the original and the duplicate) can be edited independently. This means that, any modifications made to the original Item, won’t affect its duplicate.

Set Item template #

You can set default values for newly created Items. This way, all newly created Items will have these configured values, by default. Please note that these changes won’t affect any of the existing Items. This feature is available on paid plans only.

To set Item template:

  1. Click on the three dots menu at the top right corner
  2. Hover over Configure item
  3. Choose Set Item template
  4. In the Set defaults modal set the values for the default Item
  5. Save the configuration

If set as a default Item subscriber, User is notified each time new Item is created.

Change Item terminology #

This feature is available to Board Owners.

You can also manage an Item by changing its terminology on your Board. This means that, if the term “Item” doesn’t correspond to the purpose of your workspace, you can change it to any other term that reflects this in a better way.

To do so, click on the Board menu at the top right corner, hover over Configure item and choose Change item terminology from the dropdown.

In the Change item naming modal, enter the term which you’d like to be used to refer to the Item on this Board (e.g. Task).

After you click Save, all the Items on the Board will be referred to as the term you entered (e.g. “Tasks”). This change will also be reflected on all other actions related to the Items on this Board, including adding, editing and deleting the Item.

Reorder Item details #

Customize your Board even more by arranging the order of fields on items to suit your preferences. This change is visible to all users. To reorder Item details:

  1. Click on the three dots menu at the top right corner
  2. Hover over Configure item
  3. Choose Reorder item details
  4. Drag and drop to reorder Fields
  5. Click Save to complete the action

Reorder Item details option is intended for rearranging the order of Fields within the Item Card only.

Links to Items in Plaky can be copied and pasted in any chat application that you use to correspond and collaborate with your colleagues. This way, Plaky users can reach the specific Item in question and be aware of any kind of development related to it.

To copy Item link:

  1. Click on the three dots on the Item
  2. Choose Copy item link

Your Item will be copied to a clipboard ready to be pasted in any chat app you’d like.