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Add or Remove Members

If, at some point, your Project requires you to give or withhold Members of your Team access to your Board, you can do that by making your Board Private (available on paid plans only) and adding or removing Users from your Board.

Only Members that are part of the corresponding Space can be added to a specific Board.

Add Members #

To add Member to Board:

  1. In the appropriate Board, navigate to the + Add members button at the top
  2. Search Members in the Board members modal
  3. Choose Member you’d like to add

Remove Members #

To remove Members from Board:

  1. In the appropriate Board, navigate to the +Add members button
  2. Click X next to the Member you’d like to remove

If the Board is set to Private, Members won’t be able to see the Board anymore.

Members and Admins can remove themselves from a Board. If a Member/Admin is the Owner of the Board, they can only remove themself if there is at least one more Board Owner on that Board.

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