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Admin Settings

Admins have permissions to control and manage the way other members in the Organization use features available to them in their accounts.

For Admin settings:

  • Click on the user menu at the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Choose Admin from the menu

You can perform multiple actions here.

Users section has a list of Users in your Organization. Admin can edit User’s email address, change user role, or deactivate user.

Edit email address or deactivate user #

To change email address, or deactivate user, click on the three dots in the Users list on the right and choose the action from the dropdown.

Change user role #

To change user role of another user in the Organization, click on the User Type Field in the Users list and choose the role from the dropdown.

Viewer user type is available on paid plans only.

If you navigate to the General tab, you’ll jump to the Organization settings screen. Here, you can see your Organization name and Organization subdomain.

Organization name is the name of your company’s virtual space that incorporates the administration, management and purpose of multiple Workspaces created in it.

Change Organization name #

Admins can change Organization name by editing the existing one. After the name is changed, all members of the Organization will receive an email informing them of the change and Organization’s new name.

Organization subdomain is part of a web address Organization members use in order to log in to Plaky.
Organization subdomain can be edited on Enterprise plan only.