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User Role and Ownership

Plaky offers a range of different user and ownership roles that help you and your coworkers have a better control of your Space, overview of each-others tasks and work status enabling you to fully enjoy all the features and functionalities available in Plaky.

User Role/Type #

There are four user roles/types in Plaky:

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Member
  • Viewer (available on paid plans only)

Owner #

Owner is a user who created the Organization. The Owner has all permissions available on one Organization, and can also delete the Organization. Their account cannot be deactivated, and their user type cannot be changed. Each organization has to have an Owner, and there can be only one Owner.

Admin #

Admin is a user who was promoted to Admin role by another Admin or Owner. Admins have all permissions available on one account, except for deleting an Organization. They can modify and configure the Space, one or more, modify, configure and change Boards and Tasks, control access permissions for other Users and assign ownership of any entity to a Member or another Admin of their choice.

Member #

Members are users that have permissions to do the following:

  • Board (create/edit; invite to private Boards if they are members of them)
  • Item (create/edit)
  • Folder (create/edit)
  • Users (invite Users to Board/Item)
  • Profile settings (edit their own account)
  • Comments and files (add)

Viewer #

Viewers are users that can read all the content available in the Space they’re invited to, but cannot modify or change any configuration and don’t have any editing permissions.

Viewers are available in Pro and Enterprise plans, where you can add 5 viewers for free for each paid user seat. Check out this article for more information.

Space type can be Open or Closed. Permissions granted to different user roles/types may be restricted in Closed Spaces.

Admins can change other Users’ (including other Admins’) User type/role.

Closed Space is available on Pro and Enterprise plans only.

Ownership #

Different User types/roles can have a function of:

  • Space Owner
  • Board Owner
  • Item Owner
  • Space/Board Member

Ownership in Plaky grants users distinct permissions, enabling them to perform a wide range of actions and tasks within the Space/Board/Item, regardless of their User type/role

Space Owner #

Space Owner is a User (Admin or Member) who created the Space, or was granted Ownership and permissions by another Owner of that Space. Granting Ownership is an action by which the Owner of Space, Board or Item assigns another user as Owner of that entity (they can also remove themself as Owner then if needed).

Board Owner #

Board Owners are either Users that created a Board, or to whom the ownership was granted by another Owner of that Board. Board Owner can be both Admin or Member, and they can add, edit, configure or delete and make all other modifications in the Board, Item Group, or any other entity available on that Plaky Board. Mentioned permissions are determined based on ownership, not on the User type/Role.

Item Owner #

Item Owners are Users that created Items, or were granted ownership by another Owner of the same item. Item subscriber is a User subscribed to the Item.

Space/Board Member #

Space/Board Members are all Users (Admins, Members, Viewers) with access to the Organization’s domain. They have access to the Main Space and can have access to one or multiple more Spaces and Boards depending on their or the Organization’s needs.

Admins can appoint themselves Owners of any Plaky entity, unless their access level is restricted by their ownership status and the permissions set by the Board/Space Owner.

Check out this article for an overview of Plaky Permissions.

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