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User Role and Access Level

Plaky offers a range of different user roles and access permissions that help you and your coworkers have a better control of your Workspace, overview of each-others tasks and work status enabling you to fully enjoy all the features and functionalities available in Plaky.

Access Level #

Based on the access level, user roles are as follows:

  • Admin
  • Member
  • Viewer

Admin #

Admins create the Organization. They have all permissions available on one account. They can modify and configure the Workspace, one or more, modify, configure and change Boards and Tasks, control access permissions for other Users and transfer ownership of any entity to the Team Member of their choice.

Member #

Members are the Workspace Team Members that have permissions to do the following:

  • Board (create/edit; invite to private Boards)
  • Item (create/edit)
  • Folder (create/edit)
  • Users (invite Members to Board/Item)
  • Account (edit their own account)
  • Comments and files (add)

Viewer #

Viewers are Team Members that can read all the content available in the Workspace they’re invited to, but cannot modify or change any configuration and don’t have any editing permissions.

Note: Workspace type can be Open or Closed.

User Role #

Plaky Users can have different permissions to perform various actions. Based on those, user roles are defined as:

  • Workspace Owner
  • Board Owner
  • Item Owner
  • Team Member

Workspace Owner #

Workspace Owner is a Team Member that created the Workspace, or got that role and permissions via the Workspace ownership transfer. The ownership transfer is the action by which the Owner is transferring their ownership of Workspace, Board or Item (depending on their user role) to another Team Member.

Board Owner #

Board Owners are Users that created the Board, or to whom the ownership was transferred from another Board Owner. Board Owner can be Admin or Member and they can add, edit, configure or delete and make all other modifications in the Board, Folder, Group, or any other entity available in the Plaky Board.

Item Owner #

Item Owners are Users that created Items, or became Owners via Item ownership transfer. Item subscriber is a Member or User subscribed to the Item.

Team Member #

Team Members are all Members with access to the organization’s domain. They can have access to one or multiple Workspaces depending on their or the organization’s needs.