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Guide to User Seats at Plaky

This user guide provides a clear understanding of how user seats function at Plaky on paid subscription. In this article you’ll find all you need to know about seats, how to add and remove them, and effectively manage your users.

User seats #

A user seat represents any active user in your Organization of Admin or Member Type. Viewers do not need a paid seat.

When subscribing to any paid plan for the first time, you must purchase a seat for each Admin and Member in your Organization. For more information on how to upgrade your plan check out this article. Additionally, you have the option to buy additional user seats if you plan to invite more Admin and Member users in the future.

Bundle seats represent a number of active members on Plaky, Clockify and Pumble workspaces purchased with Bundle subscription plan within productivity Suite. For detailed instructions on how manage Bundle seats, check out this article.

Adding and removing user seats #

All Admins have permission to add and remove seats.

To add seats:  #

  1. Navigate to your profile icon and open the Subscription page
  2. Click + on the Seats Modal to add the desired number of seats
  3. Click proceed
  4. Agree to the terms of use and click Submit purchase

To remove seats: #

  1. Navigate to Admin and open the Billing page
  2. Click – on the Seats Modal to remove the desired number of seats
  3. Click proceed
  4. Agree to the terms of use and click Remove seats to complete the action

You can only remove unused seats. There are no refunds for removed seats.

Available vs. used seats #

Any active or pending Admin or Member occupies one user seat. Viewers do not occupy seats. When inviting new users, the Invite users screen will display the number of available seats.

If all available seats are occupied, you will have the ability to invite only new Viewers to your Organization until the maximum capacity of complimentary viewer invitations is reached.

You buy additional seats on the Subscription page. 

You will be charged at the beginning of each billing cycle for the total number of user seats you have.

Unused seats in your Space will still be charged. There are no refunds available. In order to avoid being charged for unused seats at the next billing cycle, you need to manually remove the seats as instructed earlier in this article.

Viewers #

Viewers can be added to an Organization for free once you upgrade to any paid plan. Each paid seat in your Organization allows you to invite up to five Viewers at no additional cost, and they do not take up a user seat. For example Purchasing 10 user seats allows you to invite up to 50 Viewers, but you can still have 10 Admins or Members assigned to those 10 seats.

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