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Item Permissions

  • Item Owner: User that created Item or became Owner via Item ownership transfer
  • Item Subscriber: Member or Viewer subscribed to Item
manage itemorganization adminboard ownermemberviewer
add/rename/move to group or delete new item✔️✔️✔️X
drag&drop item ✔️✔️✔️X
edit item attributes✔️✔️✔️X
configure status/tag/date or person attribute✔️✔️✔️*X
subscribe any user/team that is member of organization/board/member/team to item in public/private board✔️✔️✔️X
unsubscribe user/team from item✔️✔️XX
promote user to item owner✔️✔️XX
leave/edit/delete your comment/upload file✔️✔️✔️X

Item subscription #

  • Item Owner is any User that creates Item on any Board type
  • User or Team added to Person Column is automatically subscribed to that Item
  • After User or Team is removed from Person Column of certain Item, they are still subscribed to that Item
  • Any Member of Organization can be subscribed to Item on Public Board
  • Members/Teams subscribed to the specific Private Board can be subscribed to Item located on that Board
  • All Item Owners and subscribers receive all Email and Bell Notifications related to Item change, added Comments if Notifications are enabled in the Notification settings

* If Board access permissions are set to Edit everything