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Import CSV to a Board

Enhance Plaky Board’s functionality and data management by importing CSV data into an existing Board, a seamless solution to integrate information from external systems into your Board.

To import CSV:

  1. Click the three dots … in the top right corner to open the Board menu
  2. Select Import from CSV

  3. Select a file to import 
  4. Choose the delimiter from the dropdown 
  5. Mark if there are headers in the file
  6. Select which column from the file defines item name

    After uploading the file, a table generated from its contents will immediately appear on the right side of the modal.

    – Plaky uses comma as the default delimiter. However, you can change it to a tab, pipe, or semicolon.

    – If the file is not marked to have headers, the first row is treated as item data and for CSV column names generic names will be used: Column 1, Column 2, etc.

    – If you don’t select which column defines the item name, the first column from your CSV file will be used by default as the item name.

  7. Click Proceed

  8. Select the destination group:
    – Existing group (choose from the dropdown)
    – New group (type the name)
    – Choose CSV column for a group name (select the column from the dropdown menu)

  9. Select the type of destination board fields for each CSV column from the dropdown:
    – Select one of the existing fields on the Board
    – Choose to create a new field
    – None (don’t map the column)

  10. Click Finish import to complete the action

Unmapped columns will be lost. Mapping for columns used for task name and group name cannot be changed.

If the CSV column contains more columns than limit allows, by default the initial set of columns will be mapped, and other columns will be disabled until the destination field of any other column is changed to None.

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