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Favorite Board

If you take part in multiple projects and are a member of multiple Teams, it can be challenging to keep your Workspace neat and stay organized. That’s where Plaky’s Favorite Board jumps in. With this functionality, you can mark the Board you frequently visit as Favorite and find it more easily.

You can mark a Board as Favorite in:

  • Board
  • Home Page

Mark Board as Favorite #

To mark Board as Favorite in a Board menu:

  • Navigate to the Board
  • Click the three dots to open the menu
  • Choose Add to Favorites from the drop down


  • Navigate to the Board
  • Click Favorite at the top of the screen


  • Navigate and click the Home Page button
  • Click the star next to the Board in the list of recent activities

The Board will be marked as Favorite in the sidebar on the left.

To see all your Favorite Boards, click on the star icon on the left. Your Favorite Boards will be listed in a dropdown.

You can also mark Board as Favorite in the Workspace Settings page.
Navigate to the three dots menu next to your Workspace at the top left corner. Here, you’ll see the list of all the Boards available in the Workspace and the subscribed Users. Mark Board as Favorite by clicking on the star icon next to the Workspace Board in the list.

If you’d like to remove the Board from the Favorites, simply Unfavorite the Board, or click again on the star icon.