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Plaky task management screenshot Plaky task management screenshot
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What is workflow management?

A workflow is a system by which you get the work done.

A workflow management platform helps teams of all sizes streamline work procedures with ease, resulting in improved business processes and more productive employees.

Workflow management tools can provide a safe place for communicating, storing data and files, assigning, planning and executing tasks efficiently. It gives structure to habitual tasks and saves the team a lot of time.

Use workflow management for
different business operations


· Strategy calendar

· Content calendar

· Creative requests

· Social media calendar

· Event planning


· Employee onboarding

· Recruitment

· HR requests


· Single project


· Bug trucking

· Product roadmap

· Product launch

Sales & CRM

· Onboarding new clients

· Pre-onboarding

· Sales pipeline

· Deals

· Contact list

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Key benefits of using workflow management software

Better insights into business

Generate awareness among your team about the goals of your business.

· Identify the desired outcome
· Determine tasks to achieve that
· Set a time goal for each of the tasks

Plaky task management screenshot
Plaky task management screenshot

Everyone on the same page

Increase employee accountability and improve communication across teams.

· Create tasks owner and assign responsability
· Share task-related files straight in the item card
· @mention people to get their immediate attention

Track processes at a glance

Streamline processes and get a bird's eye view into the team's activity and progress.

· Visualize your data with Kanban
· Create statuses and access the priority level
· Get notified in real time about updates

Plaky task management screenshot

Workflow management features in Plaky


Define series of steps that represent the project related activities.


Give your tasks an owner, so team members know who’s responsible.

Status field

Indicates where you are in the process and what needs your attention.

Date field

Assign deadlines to ensure team’s tasks get completed on time.