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Plaky task management screenshot Plaky task management screenshot
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What does a task management software do?

Task management software is crucial for running smooth team operations. Forget about disorganized email inboxes and sticky notes.

With a task management tool like Plaky, which is user-friendly and fully collaborative, you can easily schedule tasks, delegate responsibilities and track all that needs to be done.

Key benefits of using task management software

Full transparency

Have single source of truth for all your work. Indicate to-dos, share project related files and assign ownership.

Let everyone on your team get the big picture and know what’s expected of them.

Plaky task management screenshot
Plaky task management screenshot

Prioritize tasks

Assuming what’s important, jeopardizes the project’s success. Plaky allows your team to clearly see which tasks are important, manage time more effectively, always knowing what to work on next.

Improve collaboration

Share files and give feedback and ideas, straight in the task card, so anyone can get into the context of your shared work.

Plaky task management screenshot
Plaky task management screenshot

Track progress

Quickly see status changes and updates on tasks. Check in on the status of your team’s work at a glance, and know what needs your attention.

Hit deadlines

Set due dates for your time-bound projects, and track the delivery process of your tasks in an easy-to-view method.

Plaky task management screenshot

How to use task management
software for daily assignments


Add group of tasks and label it into timeframe (days, dates, etc.)


Include tasks or items in your groups that represent daily to-dos.

Status field

Indicates where you are in the process and what needs your attention.

Date field

For the tasks that require a deadline, a meeting, or any other go to activity.