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Kanban View 

Plaky offers a variety of Board views to help you manage your tasks effectively. One of the available views is the Kanban view. In this guide, we’ll explore the features and functionality of the Kanban Board View in Plaky to help you streamline your project workflow.

Overview #

Kanban is a well known project management technique used to manage work by prioritizing tasks and demands according to the available capacity. It helps to see what are pain points on your project and make sure that the resources are utilized in the best possible way.

Column-based workflow #

  • The Kanban Board consists of columns representing different stages of your project.
  • Columns are by default named after the Status field
  • Items are by default divided by Item Groups

Drag-and-drop functionality #

  • Easily move Items between columns by dragging and dropping them
  • Update the Item status instantly

Item details #

  • Click on an Item to view and edit its details directly from the Kanban Board
  • Add or modify task descriptions, assignees, due dates, and more

Visual cues #

  • Quickly identify Item status with visual indicators like color-coded cards
  • Use labels and tags for additional categorization
  • Filter tasks based on assignees, labels, due dates, and more
  • Search for specific tasks to locate and update them effortlessly

How to use Kanban Board view #

Access Kanban Board View #

  1. Navigate to your Board
  2. Click on the View with Kanban view symbol in the Board header


Add a new Kanban view.

Customize the View #

  1. Click on the gear icon to access Board settings
  2. Select the Kanban Field from the dropdown 
  3. Check the boxes to add/remove Fields to fit your project’s needs
  4. Toggle the switch to turn on/off diving the Items by Item Groups
  5. Toggle the switch to show/hide Kanban summary

Kanban Field is the field after which the column is labeled. 

Manage tasks #

  1. Create a new Item by clicking on the + Add within a column
  2. Drag Items between columns to update their status.

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