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Guide to Billing at Plaky

This guide will provide you with assistance in understanding billing at Plaky. Whether it’s making payments or updating your plan, we have you covered with detailed information and instructions.

Plans and features #

If you’re looking to learn about Plaky’s plans and features, read on for more details about the Free, Pro and Enterprise plans.

Free Plan #

Ideal for small businesses, Free plan provides an array of awesome features to choose from. However, it’s important to note that certain limitations apply, although it grants unlimited usage for Users, Boards, Items, and Views.

Pro Plan #

Tailored for medium-sized businesses, Pro plan offers a diverse selection of features, such as Board templates and task templates creation. Unlock even more capabilities compared to the Free plan by upgrading to Pro plan.

Enterprise plan #

The Enterprise plan, tailored for bigger businesses, encompasses a range of advanced and innovative features that enhance operational efficiency and provide unique benefits.

Check out this article for a more detailed overview of features in each Plaky plan.

User seats #

Each active and invited user on any paid plan requires a user seat, regardless of their role (Member, Admin). When upgrading from Free to a paid plan, you need to purchase a seat for each active user of your organization, except for Viewers, who do not occupy seats.

Invoices #

If you upgrade to any paid plan, you will receive detailed invoices to your email. You can access all of your invoices directly from the subscription details page.