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Manage Notifications

Based on the way user is notified, there are two types of notifications in Plaky:

  • Email Notifications
  • Bell Notifications

Email Notifications #

Although Email Notifications slightly differ based on types of events they’re informing the user of, they typically contain the following information:

  • Name of the Member that performed the event and triggered the action
  • Details of the Board, Group, Item or Custom Field in which you were mentioned
  • Link in the Email Notification which takes you to the relevant place in Plaky (Board/Group/Item/Custom Field) where the action you were notified of occurred

You can see below the example of the Email Notification for another user mentioning you in the Rich Text Field:

To check Notification details:

  1. Log in to your email account
  2. Click the link provided in your Email Notification

If you click on the link, you’ll jump to the relevant section in Plaky (Board/Group/Item/Custom Field) where the action you were notified of occurred. After you’ve opened the received Notification from email, that action will be reflected in the Bell Notifications, as well and the Notification will be marked as read.

Bell Notifications #

When you receive Bell Notification, you’ll be able to see an indicator on the bell icon (bright orange dot) and the number of new notifications in the browser tab.

Bell Notifications slightly differ based on types of events they’re informing the user of, however they typically contain the following information:

  • Type of event (subscribed, assigned, mentioned, changed)
  • Name of User that triggered the event that includes you (e.g. assigned you to Item)
  • Some additional details of the type of event

To check the Notification details:

  1. Click the bell icon
  2. Click the Notification tile in the Notifications form to check details

All Notifications contain the appropriate icon that indicates the type of event you are notified of. Notification you checked or read won’t have a pink border and will be marked as read if you hover over the notification tile.

Bell Notifications can be:

  • Viewed
  • Configured
  • Deleted

Older Notifications #

All Bell Notifications that were received more than a week ago are in the Older Notifications section. This section contains all Bell Notifications, from the first one ever received, to the one received seven days ago. It’s worth mentioning that Notifications in this section behave the same way as the newer ones, meaning that you can click on them and get redirected to that place in Plaky where the event that triggered the Notification occurred.

What’s more, Bell Notifications in all tabs (All, Unread, I was mentioned, Assigned to me) in Notifications canvas go into this section after a week.

Configure Notifications #

In Plaky, you can also choose types of events for which you’d like to receive Email and Bell Notifications. Initially, Notifications for all events available in the system are enabled by default, but you can adjust them according to your needs.

To configure your Notifications

  1. Click the three dots menu in the Bell Notification tile
  2. Choose Settings from the dropdown
  3. You’ll jump to your Account menu
  4. Open Notifications tab
  5. Configure your Notifications according to your preferences
Configuring Email Notifications
Configuring Bell Notifications

Please be aware that you may still receive some important Notifications regardless of how you set up your configuration.