Media kit

Plaky logo

We are customer-centric product and we want to reflect our selfless support through our brand identity, starting with the logo.

This kit contains Plaky logo in both PNG and SVG formats:

Our primary logo

Variations of monochromatic logo

White logo

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Plaky icons

This kit contains Plaky icons in both PNG and SVG formats:

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Plaky palette

As we help people organize their work in a modern way, we’ve chosen colors that project confidence, support, & contemporaneity.


HEX: #EF5483
RGB: 239 84 131 100%


HEX: #797EFF
RGB: 121 126 255 100%


RGB: 255 255 255 100%

Plaky screenshots

High-resolution screenshots of unique Plaky views:

Web app screen

Mobile app screen (iOS & Android)

Product photos and screenshots

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Plaky Videos

Introducing Plaky and how you can easily start managing your projects

Meet Plaky

Plaky demo

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