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Just like password, your email can be changed easily, in a few steps.

Change your email in My Profile settings #

  1. Navigate to your profile at the bottom left corner
  2. Choose My Profile
  3. Click on your email address in Personal Info tab
  4. Enter new email address and password
  5. Click Change email address to complete the process

Email address change request must be confirmed by the User within 3 days. Only after that, can the new email be active.

Until then, there will be a message indicating a pending confirmation.

Once you’ve entered new email, you’ll receive the email notification with the address link to confirm the change.

After you click on Confirm your email address, you’ll be redirected to the page with the modal indicating that the process of setting up new email has been successfully completed.

When you click Log in, you’ll be able to log in to your account with the new email.

Change your email in User Management section #

If you’re an Admin, besides changing your email address through the Profile settings, you can also do it in the User Management section in the Admin settings.

As an Admin, you can also change the email address of other users regardless of their user type. Just as it was stated for your own email address change, if you want to change the email of another user, that user will also receive an email informing them of the request for the email change and that change also needs to be confirmed within 3 days.

The workflow for changing email in User Management settings is the same when done for yourself and for other Users.

To change email in User Management:

  1. Navigate to your profile at the bottom left corner
  2. Choose Admin
  3. Click on the three dots to edit your or other User’s info
  4. Choose Edit email address
  5. Enter new email address in the appropriate field in Change email address modal that appears
  6. Click Change email address to confirm

The rest of the process is the same as described in My Profile settings.

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