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Manage Board on iOS App

Plaky Board helps you visualize your Team’s tasks, workflows and processes. With its highly interactive features you can communicate with your Team in a faster and more efficient way.

This article provides instructions related to main functionalities and the way they improve the project management workflow.

Create Board #

You can create the Board from scratch from the Home screen page, or by choosing Board Template that suits your needs and requirements.
For example, choose Product launch template if you’d like to keep track of your progress and better prioritize your tasks.

To create Board:

Tap on the + button at the top right corner.

Choose the template you’d like to use and tap on Choose this template to complete the action.

By default, Boards are sorted according to the order they were created in. They can also be arranged as Favorites (starred as Favorites) or Recent (those recently used).

To do that:

  1. Tap on the hamburger menu
  2. Choose Home screen
  3. Tap on the arrow on the right to expand

You’ll be able to see a Quick access section. Tap to choose to display Boards as Favorites or Recent. Currently used display is marked.

After you selected a sorting option you prefer, Boards will be sorted accordingly.

You can search Boards in the search box at the top.

Once you start typing, the search results will be displayed below.

When you tap on the Board, you can search through the Items and Item Groups in the Search task bar at the top of the screen. Once you start typing, the tasks will be filtered according to the value typed in the search bar.

Board View #

Plaky app offers you different types of Board Views in order to visualize your data in the best way. There are two different types of Board View:

Table View (default) #

  • Table with columns and rows

Kanban View #

  • View based on well know project management technique used to manage work by prioritizing tasks

You can add multiple Board Views to one Board, or change the existing one. To add Board View tap on the three dots menu at the top right corner and choose Change View.

Choose/add Board View according to your preferences.

In Table View, swipe left to see all the Columns on the Board.

In Kanban View, swipe left to see all the Items on the Board grouped by Status.

Board Filter #

Board Filter helps you keep things in order and filter them out according to your needs and preferences.

To use Board filter:

  1. Tap on the filter icon at the top of Board
  2. You’ll see a list of entities
  3. Choose these entities as parameters to filter out the search

Each parameter contains the list of all the Columns and the number of Columns made with that parameter on the Board.

Filter Board by:

  • Item Group
  • Title
  • Assignee
  • Tag
  • Person
  • Status
  • Date
  • Link
  • Numbers

The Board filter contains faceted search which can be filtered according to multiple parameters.

Choose the parameters by tapping on them.

Tap Apply to save the filtering for the Board view you’re currently on. The filtering option you’re using will be indicated with a pink and purple multicolored frame (type of column used) and dot with the number of parameters you chose.

To undo the filtering, tap on Unselect all, or simply uncheck the tiles by tapping on them.

Board Menu #

Board menu lets you quickly access and modify info, view and sort on your Board.
To access the Board menu, tap on the three dots menu at the top right corner of the Board.

In the Board info modal, you can edit Board name and description, change permissions and view all information related to the Board owner and creator.
Depending on the permissions, you can delete the Board, as well.

With the Change view option, you can change your Board view (Table or Kanban).

If you choose the Sort option, you’ll be able to sort the Columns in your Board according to the Column type present on the Board in the ascending and descending order. You can add new sort, or apply the existing one.

Sort is only available with a Table Board View.