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Delete Workspace

In Plaky, Workspaces can be Open or Closed and default or not.

These are some basic steps in the Workspace deletion process:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace name at the top left corner
  2. Click the three dots to open the menu
  3. Choose Delete workspace
  4. Click Delete in Delete workspace modal to confirm the action

In the Delete workspace confirmation modal click Delete to confirm the action.

Both Owner and Member can delete Workspace. Member can only delete the Workspace they created (where they are Owners) and Owner can delete any Open and default Workspace, regardless if they are a Member, or not and any closed Workspace they are a Member of, except for the Main Workspace (the one automatically made upon the first registration).

Once the Workspace is deleted, all the Boards, Dashboards and Items, regardless if they’re Private or not, are deleted as well.