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How to Track Time in Plaky

Plaky integration with Clockify enables you to track time on your tasks in Plaky with just one click and then run time reports.

The whole integration process takes just five simple steps.

Step 1: Create Clockify account #

Sign up here

Step 2: Install browser extension for time tracking #

Get extension for Chrome of Firefox

Step 3: Start timer inside Plaky #

Clockify timer button will automatically appear in all Plaky tasks.

Step 4: Timer starts clicking #

Clockify will pick up Plaky’s to-do name and the timer will start ticking. You can stop the timer from anywhere (browser, mobile or desktop).

Step 5: Run time reports and manage projects #

In the web version, you can edit past entries, analyse time, manage project, invite people, review timesheets and export reports.