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Manage Item on iOS App

Plaky iOS app enables you to manage Items by adding, editing and deleting Item Groups and Items.

Item Group #

If there are a lot of Items in Item Groups, there is an option to extend and collapse Item Groups to have a better overview of the Board.

Item #

Modify an Item by setting up due Date, Status, assigning Team Members, adding Comments and Files, or you check the activity log on the Item.

You can also subscribe/unsubcribe User, Team or everyone in Organization by tapping on Item and tapping on Item subscription icon at the top right corner, share link to the Item by clicking on the share icon, or choose to rename it or delete it by clicking on three dots in the top right corner.

Add Item owner #

To add an Item Owner, tap on the Item and choose the User you’d like to become the Owner. Swipe right and tap on Make Owner to make them the Item Owner.

Please note that you need to be the Board Owner in order to make someone Item Owner.

Keep in mind that Users with Admin or Team Member roles and those subscribed to the Item can become Item Owners. One Item can have multiple subscribers.

Share Item #

Distribute the item link to fellow team members across various platforms by sharing an Item.

To share Item:

  • Tap on Item you’d like to share
  • Tap on share icon at the top right corner
  • Copy the link, or share it via one of the options available

User with whom the Item is shared gets the link which takes them to the Item that has been shared.

Add Comments #

In the Comments tab, you can add any additional comments you might have, or information related to the Item in question. Simply tap on the Comments tab and Leave a comment button. Type out a comment in the rich text screen. With different headings and formatting styles available, you can also leave longer and more complex notes or comments.

To pin/unpin a comment, swipe it to the left and tap on Pin/Unpin.

Add Files #

In the Files tab, you can upload multiple number and different types of files, open and play multimedia files, manage files attached to the Item and download files from the preview.

To upload files, tap on the Files tab and Add File button. Then choose one or more files from your local storage.

Plaky iOS app supports the following types of files:


Change Item terminology #

To change Item terminology:

  1. Tap on three dots in the top right corner of the Board to open the Board menu
  2. Select Item terminology
  3. Type Item terminology name
  4. Tap Done to complete the action

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